Hoosier Heartland Goldens

Golden Retrievers Raised with LOVE!!!

Owning a dog is a large responsibility and this puppy will be part of your life for many years.  

A golden takes much time for both exercise and for grooming – more than other breeds may.  

Completion of this questionnaire will assist us in determining if a golden puppy will meet your requirements 

as an addition to your family as well as assisting you to understand the commitment you are making to the life of this puppy.

GROOMING CONSIDERATIONS:  We request you not shave your dog.  Research shows the coat of a golden 

retriever serves a purpose to protect the dogs skin in both summer and winter.  In summer the coat protects from

 sunburn, shaving the dog risks a burn that can be severe.  If you have questions about this, please do not hesitate to ask.

Renters must have a letter of permission from their landlord/property manager before puppy can be placed in home.  

****     Part of my (our) job(s) as reputable breeders is to be there for you to answer any questions 

you may have,  concerns you need addressed or assist with any training issues you may have.  Also, 

we request that this puppy  NEVER – AND WE STRESS THIS – be placed in a humane society or 

pound, kill or non-kill facility.  If for ANY REASON you would need to place your puppy in another

 home, we require you contact us FIRST!!! Before any  re-homing  would become necessary, we would 

request this puppy be returned to us for placement.  ****


  Limited registration means that your puppy is registered with AKC but no litters produced by this puppy are eligible

 for registration.  This is recommended by AKC and helps protect breeding programs and the health and conformation

 of the individual breeds.  It prevents indiscriminate breeding of dogs and the production of unwanted traits within a

 breed, such as hip dysplasia and temperament disorders.  If a puppy buyer later decides he/she wishes to show the puppy

 at conformation events, the puppy can be re-evaluated by the breeder and if found to be show quality, the limited 

registration can be arranged, breeder only, to a full registration and the sales contract can be amended to include the terms of our show contract.***


 (Although you can be on the waiting list now.)

If you would like to purchase a puppy from Hoosier Heartland Goldens and are willing to give one of our puppies a

 forever  home and treat him or her properly, with gentle, loving guidance as a treasured companion, 

we ask for a $500 deposit after the birth to hold a puppy.  This $500 deposit will be deducted from the full purchase 

price of the puppy.  Deposits are refundable until puppies are 2 weeks of age!  Puppies will be held only for persons 

who are approved and have made deposits. 



********Thank you for taking time to complete this questionnaire******** 

Important:  Puppies will jump on people, knock down young children, bite during teething, and can grab clothing,

 therefore, should never be left loose with young children.  Also, young children be rough playing with puppies even 

causing serious injury.  All interaction between children and puppies should be supervised.  Puppies (and children)

 must be taught acceptable behavior   through proper training – loving and gentle training for goldens (and children) 

as their hearts and spirits are giving and they react easily to praise and can be hurt by anger and critisism.

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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