Hoosier Heartland Goldens

Golden Retrievers Raised with LOVE!!!

Heartland's A KISS From Above

On January 15, 2018, Daphne went into labor 9 days early.  We lost all the puppies except this little warrior.  She was a fighter from the moment she was born.  Born with very little to no hair on her face, ears, feet, she was definitely premature.  We fought for hours and days to make sure she got enough food, gained weight, stayed warm and got the love she needed to survive.  This was the first "singleton" we have ever had here and it was a challenge to say the least.  But Daphne was a great mommy and took very good care of Miss Sassy Pantz as she is known as.  Looking forward to seeing how this miracle puppy grows into a mature adult.  Very Blessed.  
Born 9 days early.  Only survivor out of 8 puppies!

Just a few days old