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Our Philosophy

Here at Hoosier Heartland Goldens, We are a small local breeder in Central Indiana.  I have been raising Goldens for over 15+ years now.  All of my puppies are bred specifically for health and temperament and are only placed with families who are willing and able to love them as one of their family and who realize that a puppy is a lifetime commitment!  Goldens make great companions and we want to provide you with a furry bundle of love to add to your life! 


Breeding parents are healthy and are first and foremost, family members.  All puppies are vet checked thoroughly (1st set of immunizations and de-wormed) before you take them home at 8 weeks of age.  ALL pups are also sold on a spay/neuter contract with a limited AKC registration.  There is much time spent socializing the puppies, play and special care while they are in my home.  (Pups are exposed to outside play and exploration, but are housed inside and have a fenced in yard).  I encourage visiting your puppy over the period of 8 weeks that he/she is in my care.  This way, you and your puppy can start the bonding process.  I encourage that as a potential Golden owner, that you spend time researching all aspects of the breed before making that commitment.  Goldens are dogs who love their humans…and interaction (daily, hourly, etc…) is crucial.  Once you have decided this is the breed for you and your family, I ask that you take some time and fill out my puppy questionnaire.  This gives me the opportunity to get to know more about you and your family and your needs for a dog.  Please feel free to contact me at any time. 


Remember, there are many wonderful breeds of dogs out there, but I feel that Golden Retrievers have their own special corner of the world and are angels here on earth.  


With your purchase of a Hooiser Heartland Golden puppy you will receive:


Puppy Care packets

Special treats

And a special guarantee that Hoosier Heartland Goldens will always provide a refuge for each pup if the need arises. I will work with the family to provide a new and loving home for the puppy or dog.

Puppy sitting available. 

Registration with AKC

 Guarantee covering hereditary defects 

Immunization & worming records

 Health certificate

 Care instructions

When I committed to beginning a breeding program, I set goals for myself and my dogs:

 Strive to always produce healthy, intelligent dogs with wonderful temperaments.

 Breed to improve our blood lines.

 That our parent retrievers would meet AKC standard, be healthy and genetically sound.

You must take your puppy to see your personal vet within 72 hours of taking your puppy home or the health guarantee can be considered null and void if you have future problems with your puppy.  But I am willing to do all I can to make sure your puppy is healthy and you are happy with your new baby.

All Puppies are sold with a Limited AKC registration.


Waiting list process...

We typically have a large amount of families wanting puppies, there is usually a long waiting list for each litter.  We take names for several months and then towards the end of the pregnancy we will email each family to verify that they still want a puppy.  At the time the puppies are whelped, puppy contracts are emailed out to each prospective puppy family.  The order we receive each signed and dated puppy contract (via mail) AND deposit is the order for their pick of the litter.  This is a fair process to ensure everyone has equal chance to get a puppy. 


***Please note that it is impossible to guarantee that ANYONE or EVERYONE will get a puppy from an expected litter.  This is nature.  Only GOD will determine how many puppies and their genders that we are blessed with each litter.  Although this may be hard to understand…we TRY to make each prospective family happy no matter what.  However, if there are not enough pups you are always welcome to wait for our next litter. ***


Once the puppies are here you will receive a phone call and email letting you know your pick and if there are enough of the gender you prefer.  If at that time there are not enough of males or females to go around, you may have the option of taking the opposite.  After you are told your pick of the litter, you will have a time set up for you to come and pick out your puppy.  We will accept deposits only after pregnancy is confirmed.  If you are seriously looking for a good quality puppy for your family, it could take up to 1 year or more to get the pup that you want.  This is the case from any reputable breeder for the most part.  Do not get discouraged.  In the long run, it is worth the wait.  We have people waiting 12 + months for our puppies.  We also reserve the right to refuse to place a puppy with any family at anytime.

WE are planning 2 litters for August 2018.  IF YOU ARE INTERESTED PLEASE EMAIL US AT denverpassion30@yahoo.com.  (FYI…we do most of our correspondence by email or phone during this process).  And make sure you fill out a Puppy Questionnaire.




American Kennel Club


Golden Retriever Club of America      



White River Golden Retriever Club



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America Veterinary Medical Association


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